What is PLUG West?

PLUG West is an extension of PLUG, the Philadelphia Linux Users Group. PLUG members are users of the Linux operating system and other Open Source software who live in the greater Philadelphia area and come together to share knowledge and learn from each other. The monthly PLUG meeting is typically held on the first Wednesday of the month inside the Philadelphia city limits, and can be difficult for Linux enthusiasts living in the suburbs to attend. Still, many people do make the trek in every month.

PLUG West events are held in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, typically in Chester County. If you are interested in Linux but haven't been able to make it to Philadelphia on a Wednesday evening, why not try coming to a meeting?

Is PLUG West the same as PLUG?

PLUG West is not a separate group, and does not have its own mailing list or web site. This is deliberate, to encourage a broader sense of community. Membership in PLUG is extremely informal...if you subscribe to the PLUG discussion list or attend a PLUG (or PLUG West!) meeting you can consider yourself a member.

How can I find out about PLUG West events?

You can subscribe to the low-traffic plug-announce mailing list, or to the general PLUG discussion list. (All traffic from plug-announce is forward to the discussion list, so you only need to subscribe to one of these.) You can also check the list of upcoming meetings on the PLUG website.

PLUG events are open to everyone. If you're interested in Linux, you're invited to come and join us!