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Maps may be out of date


This is the amateur radio operator KA1UDX parked out somewhere in Plymouth Meeting. This is an old photo with out do date information. KA1UDX is at the Mall. Also note the red line running across the upper third of the picture, this is the location of the highway visible in the photo as recorded in the US Census tiger road maps. The message here is that the maps and images on which tracker stations are plotted may be incorrect or out of date. As with the standard disclaimer on nautical charts says, never rely on any single source of navigation information.
There is another message here. APRS mapping software is essentially a GIS (geographic informations software) application. More than one source of information can be displayed at one time. This image consists of three layers. In the background is the air photo (obtained from the USGS), layered over that is a line map of roads (a the US Census TIGER vector map), layered over that is the location of the tracker KA1UDX with an icon and a station label.