As a result of signatures from these keysinging parties, I can now trace signature paths between us and a number of famous people using sigtrace, and I've graphed them using sig2dot.

Example output from sigtrace:

$ cat mysigs.5.sigs | ./ FAEBD5FC 0E9FF879 mysigs.5
Data loaded, tracing....
level:0 keys:1
level:1 keys:17
level:2 keys:112
level:3 keys:136
level:4 keys:1
4 hop path: FAEBD5FC 51DBA39C 9E22EA50 80675E65 0E9FF879
pub  1024D/FAEBD5FC 1997-04-07 Philip R. Zimmermann <>
pub  1024D/51DBA39C 1997-05-21 Noah Dibner Salzman <>
pub  1024D/9E22EA50 1997-06-07 tim holmes <>
pub  1024D/80675E65 1997-07-30 Leonard D. Rosenthol <>
pub  1024D/0E9FF879 2000-09-05 Darxus <>
Checked 267 keys.

This graph shows paths connecting us to the following:

Linux Kernel Archives
Linus TorvaldsCreator of Linux
Wichert AkkermanMajor Debian guy
Steve WozniakApple
Philip R. ZimmermannCreator of PGP
Eric S. Raymondopen-source evangelist
CERTInternet security stuff
Werner KochCreator of GPG
Theodore Y. Ts'oext2 (Linux) filesystem(Found by Bill Jonas)

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