There is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network. It is a place to talk to other people in PLUG in real time through a text interface.

To Get There:

Idling Strongly Encouraged

Some channels strongly prefer that you disconnect from IRC when you're away from your computer. We prefer that you stay around.

Advantages the #PLUG (Libera.Chat) Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel has over other resources:

#PLUG (Libera.Chat):

PLUG mailing list:

Stay for a while

Once you get to the channel, stay for a bit. Many of us are in irc at all times, but not necessarily looking at that screen at all times. If you come into the channel, scream for attention for 3 minutes, then leave, it is really agravating. Leave it open for at least a half hour.

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