PLUG into Hive 76

What is PLUG Into Hive 76?

PLUG Into Hive 76 is a collaborative effort between PLUG and Hive 76. PLUG Into Hive 76 members are users of the Linux operating system and other Open Source software/hardware who live in the greater Philadelphia area and come together to share knowledge, and learn from each other. The monthly PLUG Into Hive 76 meeting is typically held on the fourth Thursday of the month at Hive 76 in Center City. If you are interested in Linux but haven't been able to make it to any other Linux Users Group meeting in Philadelphia on a Thursday evening, why not try coming to a PLUG Into Hive 76 meeting?

What is Hive 76?

Hive 76 is a new hackerspace in the Philadelphia area. PLUG Into Hive 76 was created to extend PLUG so that it could utilize the open laboratory of Hive 76 for group based learning, experimentation, and projects.

Where is Hive 76?

Hive 76 is located at 915 Spring Garden Street. For more information see the Hive 76 Location page.

How can I find out about PLUG Into Hive 76 events?

You can subscribe to plug-announce mailing list, or to the general PLUG discussion list. You can also check the list of upcoming meetings on the PLUG website, or the calendar applet at More over, feel free to join the Hive 76 announcement and the Hive 76 discussion Google Groups.

PLUG events are open to everyone. If you're interested in Linux, you're invited to come and join us!