PLUG History

12/1995 CJ Fearnley announces the Philadelphia area Linux User's Group in a Philadelphia Area Computer Society (PACS) Databus article:
The Philadelphia Area Linux User's Group (Philly-LUG) is now forming! Meetings will be held every Tuesday evening (Beginning December 5) from 7-9 PM at the High Wire Gallery, 137 N 2nd ST. The Gallery is charging us $10 for the evening and the price will be divided among attendants (So if we get 20 people to attend, the price will be $0.50/person). The group is a spin off from PACS' Unix SIG - the exact relationship with PACS has yet to be worked out. Thanks to Shemu-ail Ben-Mosh ( for agreeing to coordinate the meetings and for finding a cheap space.
12/95 - 11/98 According to his resume, Chuck Peters coordinated PLUG.
? PLUG relocates to the Cyberloft, invited by the owner, Mostafa Eldefrawy. Presumably meetings have been free since this point. (?)
5/19/1999 First Philadelphia Area Debian Society meeting is held by CJ Fearnley.
8/4/1999 Due to the Cyberloft relocating to California, PLUG relocates to Towne Pizza(19th & Pine?).
9/1/1999 PLUG relocates to Wharton, invited by Son To and the computer department. Financial complications caused this to be the only meeting held at Wharton.
9/1999 Darxus takes over announcements from LeRoy D. Cressy.
10/6/1999 PLUG relocates to the IQ Group, invited by Chris McDonough.
11/28/1999 Steve Creel creates the PLUG-Announce mailing list for us, with Darxus and Bill Jonas as admins.
12/1/1999 Chris McDonough has accepted a position with Digital Creations, Inc., as a side affect of preparing his PLUG presentation on their product, Zope. Darxus is hired to fill his position at IQ, and inherits the role of PLUG host.
12/1999 Darxus takes over the rest of the PLUG web page from LeRoy D. Cressy.
1/1999 Darxus becomes an admin of the main PLUG mailing list.
3/28/2000 Bill Jonas becomes an admin of the main PLUG mailing list.
6/24/2000 Tony Dominello <> nominates himself as our PR person. The motion was seconded and thirded, and everyone was generally in favour.
7/10/2000 As a result of discussion at the July meeting, the PLUG web page and mailing lists have moved to the domain
11/1/2000 PLUG relocates to CIGNA due to insufficient space at IQ, and is hosted by Tony Dominello. The October meeting had 42 attendees, one of whom was sitting just outside the door.
12/6/2000 PLUG relocates to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, with internet access provided by, arranged by Andrew White of Advantages over CIGNA include no required attendee list, (presumably) better parking, and internet access.

Erik Yunghans donated a P90 laptop to PLUG for use in presentations. CJ Fearnly took it home to install Debian.

3/30/2001 On 3/29/2001 we discovered that the PCCA wants to start charging us $300 per meeting starting in May. Tony Dominello has arranged for us to meet at CIGNA again in May, June, and July. He is moving, so the future beyond July is yet to be determined.
7/3/2001 At the suggestion of Guillermo Moyna, who built a Beowulf cluster at, we sent a formal request letter to administration asking for meeting space. Gabriel Rosenkoetter contributed new PLUG letterhead.
7/5/2001 "Just got a reply from Ms. Bressi-Stoppe, VP for Executive Affairs at USP, letting me know that PLUG's request has been approved! ...certain for the rest of the summer (July, August, September), and the registrar also told me that they don't see a problem for the Fall-Spring semester." - Guillermo Moyna. This started with Darxus finding Guillermo's Beowulf via a google search for philadelphia linux. First meeting at USP was held on July 11th.
7/12/2001 PLUG's long name was standardized as the "Philadelphia area Linux User Group" on the PLUG list, mostly by Darxus and Gabriel Rosenkoetter.
8/25/2001 Linux 10th Anniversart Picnic in Philadelphia
1/23/2002 The entire PLUG website is now valid HTML, no exeptions.
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When did meetings change to the 1st Wednesday of every month ?
If you have any further information, or mailing list archives from before January 1999, please email it to Walt Mankowski.

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