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-- to increase your chances of getting a helpful reply, and decrease your chances of upsetting people.


Other useful guidelines

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Other Notes:

File Attachments
It is almost universally inappropriate to post files to mailing lists or newsgroups. The only exceptions being newsgroups which exist specifically to distribute binaries (where it is inappropriate to post without a file attachment). Do not email files to this list. Put the file on the web somewhere, and email a url to it to this list.
Please do not post HTML format email to the list. Use plaintext.
Post Deletion
It's very difficult for us to delete posts from the archive and we don't like changing history. The PLUG list is fully indexed by Google so please be sure you want your post "online forever" before posting.

When asking questions...

Most importantly, it is good form to do your best to try to answer your questions yourself through the documents readily available to you before asking the nearly three-hundred people on the mailing list. If you have not made the effort, why should they ? It is considered a waste of our time. (See "RTFM".)

Once you have made an honest effort to solve the problem yourself, I believe most of us on the list will be happy to do our best to help. Keep in mind that we are doing this in our free time, and sometimes no response simply means that nobody knows the answer.

Steps you should try:

When you have exhausted all other resources, and either have found no solution, or absolutely cannot figure out where to begin, that is when to post your question to the mailing list. There are some steps you can take when asking your question that help to elicit a more timely and useful reply.

Mention what you've tried and documents you've read through. Give a detailed description of your situation/hardware/software. Do not post "I have a problem, if someone is willing to help, please email me offlist". That is unproductive and irritating

A descriptive subject is so much more helpful than "I need help", or "Linux question".

Email Signature Etiquette

Email signatures are the things that you put at the bottom of an email with contact information, and maybe some other little bit of information that you, for some reason, think the world needs to see every time you write email. There are common standards that this signature should conform to. A signature should be:

So an appropriate sig looks something like this:
"You shall know the truth, and it shall make you odd."
- Flannery O'Connor

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