Advanced Emacs Features


Dired - directory manipulation

Basic navigation
M-x dired Start directory-edit mode
^ Move to parent directory
s Toggle sort order
i Insert subdirectory listing
M-C-n Move to next directory listing
M-C-p Move to previous directory listing
$ Hide or show directory listing
C-u k Remove this subdirectory listing
Simple operations
d Flag a file for deletion
u Un-flag for deletion
~ Flag backup files for deletion
% d Flag files for deletion by regexp
x Delete all flagged files
+ Create a directory
v View (read-only) file at point
e Edit file at point
* m Mark file with asterisk
* u Unmark file
* * Mark executable files
C-u * * Unmark executable files
* @ Mark symlinks
C-u * @ Unmark symlinks
* / Mark directories
C-u * / Unmark directories
* ! Remove all asterisk marks
% m Asterisk-mark files whose name matches regexp
% g Asterisk-mark files whose content matches regexp (a la grep)
Operations on asterisk-marked files
* t Toggle marks
* C-n Move to next asterisk-marked file
* C-p Move to previous asterisk-marked file
* c Change all X marks to Y marks
% u Uppercase filename
% l Lowercase filename
C Copy
D Delete
R Rename
M Chmod
G Chgrp
O Chown
P Print
Z Compress
X Execute shell command on file(s)
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