PLUG Members

There are over 700 people on our primary mailing list, and up to 40 at a time have shown up at the meetings.

Picture Name / Email / Home Page / Resume / Description
jeff_abrahamson.jpg Jeff Abrahamson
Jeff Abrahamson's website
Shameel Arafin
Shameel Arafin's Blog
plug-2000-04-05-06.jpg Sandy Basickes
John Beck
Michael Bevilacqua
Michael's Homepage
Michael's Resume
IRC: Time
  LeRoy D. Cressy
  Toby DiPasquale
Toby's Homepage
Toby's Blog
Toby's Resume
  James P Dugan
James' Homepage
IRC: jpdugan
plug-2000-04-05-02.jpg CJ Fearnley
CJ's Home Page
CJ's Bio
  Adam Grochowski
RadioactiveCat Dot Com
Elizabeth Bevilacqua
Elizabeth (Lyz) Krumbach
Elizabeth's Homepage
Elizabeth's Blog
Elizabeth's Resume
IRC: pleia2
plug-2000-04-05-10.jpg Greg Lopp
  Jonathan E. Magen
Jonathan's Homepage
IRC: yonkeltron
  Fred Newton
mozor.jpg Matthew Ozor
plug-2000-04-05-12.jpg Michael Ryan
plug-2000-04-05-07.jpg Ed Stokes
Michael C. Toren
Michael's Webpage
Michael C. Toren's Resume
IRC: mct

Email info to Elizabeth Krumbach to be added to this page.

If you own a digital camera (or analogue, if you're willing and able to get the film developed & scanned), please bring it to the PLUG meetings so that photographs may be taken for this page.

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